Fieldtrip to Cimory, May 2016

Elementary Student's fieldtrip to Cimory (11)

On Monday, 2nd of May, 2016, The elementary students had a fieldtrip to Cimory, Bawen as an annual program. This trip was also held as a part of outdoor learning activities.

In Cimory, we did some activities such as : garden and farm tour, watching the video of production and processing standards of dairy products, cooking demo, milking cow, and also observing the dairy factory.
Related to the topics through all the semester, the objectives in conducting this fieldtrip are as follows :

1. Biology

  • To review about domesticated animals topic.
  • To review the common characteristics of cow as mammal.
  • To recognize the special characteristics and anatomy of cow and its digestive system.
  • To review about the uses of animals for human and the varieties of cow use in dairy industry.
  • To learn about how milk is produced in the cow’s body.
  • To review the uses of microorganism in food industry especialy in dairy products industry.
  • To understand the care of farm animal especially cow.

2. Health Science

  • To review about the foods that are categorized as “dairy”.
  • To review and compare the nutrtions in different kinds of dairy products and their benefits for human’s body.
  • To understand the right amount of daily servings of dairy products based on food pyramid system.

3. Math
Students were allowed to bring some amount of money so they could experience a buying and selling transaction. They had to think, count, and decide about what or how many products they can buy in the dairy shop.

4. Independency
Since they went to cimory by a bus trip without companion (parents), from this trip they also had chance to experience about :

  • Safety and order : how to stay safe in a bus trip and how to listen every instruction to keep them safe.
  • Responsibility : to be responsible with their own belongings, their own safety, and also to practice time estimation.
  • Sense of accomplishment, independency, and self help.
  • Wider social interactions and manners in real life situations.

The trip by bus was long enough and it took approximately five hours for a round trip. We departed at 7 a.m sharp, where the students showed discipline to gather at school before seven, and we went back and arrived at Jogja at 3.30 p.m. Despite the long and tiring trip, they all show their enthusiasm. They all sang, played games, laughed together, and told stories to each other along the trip. We really had a lot of fun together.