Mini trip Gembira Loka Zoo, March 2016

Mini Trip Gembira Loka Zoo March 2016 (3)

As a part of Adolescent Community program, last March, we held a mini trip event with a topic “Animal and Plant Kingdom.” The aim of a half-day mini trip for Adolescent Community students was to learn more about Animal and Plant Kingdom. The core subject of this mini trip was Science which also covers some other subjects, such as English and Mathematic as a system of interdependency or subject across the curriculum.

Since our core subject was Science, our objectives in conducting this mini trip are as follows.

  • Identify plants and animals and their characteristics.
  • Classify plants and animals using taxonomy.
  • Identify behavior, habitat, reproduction, and adaptation of the animals and plants.
  • Identify the food chain and food web.

As for English, the objectives were as follows.

  • Communicate with experts, specialists and members of the wider community.
  • Applying writing strategy; take notes.
  • Preparing and writing simple research report.

As for Mathematic, the objective was to apply mathematical knowledge to do simple research such as data collection and data analysis.