3-6 Program

threetosix 1Child develops his practical life skill and fine motor by practicing hook & eye dressing frame.
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Children are doing activity together to learn that they are part of community.

3 -6 program is a 3-6 years old child program that helps children to grow and develop according to their personality, interest, and development stages. With child-centered and hand-on learning curriculum, children can find the answers of their curiosity, experience, and learn new things by materials and environment.

3-6’s benefits :

  1. Child grows and develops according to their own personality, interest, and indeed development stages
  2. Child learns to be a part of community by supportive environment and interaction with their friends and adults
  3. Child’s concentration and focus are being improved by learning environment and material
  4. Child’s creativity and curiosity are facilitated by hands-on learning, concrete rather than abstract learning
  5. Child’s independence and confidence are developed by child-center learning which is facilitated by teachers
  6. Child’s self-discipline is developed naturally
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Child learns the concept of number by concrete reather than abstract learning.

threetosix 1

Child learns to build words by analyzing the sounds he hears as he says a word slowly out loud.