Nursery 3
Child develops her fine motor and focus, also learns shapes and colors by threading beads.

Nursery is a 1,5-3 years old child program that helps toddler to maximize their exploration experience with purposeful activities and materials. This program stimulates their senses, motor skills, and language skill according to development stages.

Nursery’s benefits :

  1. Child’s need of exploration is facilitated by learning environment
  2. Child’s sense is stimulated and developed by all integrated activities
  3. Child’s independence is being developed at their own level
  4. Child’s motor skills are developed by indoor outdoor activities and gym
  5. Child’s sensitivity of language is improved by daily conversations and learning environment
Nursery 1

Child stimulates her gustatory sense by working with tasting jar to taste sweet and salty.

Nursery 2

Child develops her practical life skill by spooning rice.