About Kalyca School

Kalyca School serve the children ages 18 months to 15 years by providing learning environment and using Montessori method of education. They are learning to live and to love. The people, the earth and even the universe are the parts of their life, to whom they contribute themselves and the means of building their identity.

Why Montessori?

Montessori set up the learning environment as an effective way to educate the children consider with their nature and all aspects of development. Based on the child’s characteristics and needs … Read More →

School News

Visiting The Ghratama Pustaka Yogyakarta: Lower Elementary Minitrip
Upper Class Minitrip To Balai Arkeologi Yogyakarta
Grhatama Pustaka: Nursery – Preschool Minitrip

Grhatama Pustaka: Nursery – Preschool Minitrip"

18 February 2020

On Wednesday, 22 January 2020, Nursery – Preschool children had minitrip. They visited Grhatama Pustaka Yogyakarta which is located in Jl. Janti, Wonocatur, Banguntapan, Bantul. Grhatama Pustaka Yogyakarta is a big library. The children had time to explore the library. Read More →


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