Fieldtrip Sadranan 28 – 29 April 2016

Field Trip of Adolescent Community  (14)

As a part of Adolescent Community program, on 28 – 29 April, we held a field trip event with a topic “Ecotourism: The Beach” in Sadranan Beach, Gunungkidul. The aim of two-days-one-night field trip for Adolescent Community students was exploring the beach ecology, especially at Sadranan Beach.

The core subjects of this field trip were Science and Geography which also cover some other subjects, such as History and Humanity as a system of interdependency or subject across the curriculum. Through this field trip, we’d like to teach about being independent and team building to the students.

In Sadranan, students made some science experiment and also identified and analysed the physical characteristic of the beach. Sincethe core subjects were Science and Geography, the objectives in conducting this field tripwere as follows:

  1. Science
    • Identify different water density.
    • Identify electric energy.
    • Identify and describe beach ecosystem, both biotic and abiotic.
    • Identify humidity.
    • Identify plants, which habitat is beach.
  2. Geography
    • Identify the coastal processes and landforms.
    • Analyse the physical characteristics of the beach and its effect to the people around it.

The students also interviewed the local people who lived around the beach to get to know more about the legend of Sadranan. The activities was part of HistoryandHumanities subject. The objectiveswere as follow:

  1. Identify the economic activities along the beach.
  2. Analyse the tourism activities and their effects to the community and beach ecosystem.

Besides the subjects, students also learned about team building through the games provided by the teachers. And finally, students did the snorkeling and explored the coral near the beach. We had such a great time together.