Education For Life


Dr. Maria Montessori built an education method that is admitted and used by people around the world as a method which is based on the principles of the child’s natural development.

Montessori believed that a child is inherently good within all of the wonderful and special in the whole child. A child is not an empty vessel.

As part of the nature, a child has an inner drive of learning that is connected to everything in the world around them naturally to have all things meaningfully for him/her to see the holistic way of life and build his/her own life.

If a child is allowed to develop it freely within the environment that will support the developing all potentials withim him/her.

Montessori said that the method she built is an approach to provide the children a learning environment where they can develop themselves in all levels of their growth and development periods.

Adults are important for them to fill and support their life with love, caring, and all feelings their needs to make them find and internalize the values of life. This is an adult’s role to deliver them as the member of society. They will contribute themselves as humans who will build the peace and prosperity in the world because they belong to the better future.


We need to see our point of view about the children and need to learn more how our education will support all aspects within them develop fully.

At school, it is no longer beneficial to focus on the development of one aspect in isolation, because the child is the result of an unfolding spiritual embryo which the process of developing all aspects of their human potentials will lead them to an optimal state.

It is important that learning becomes a joyful activities and works where they are always enthusiastic to explore the world and have the highest learning of spirit so they are willing to repeat it over and over to reach their mastery or deeply understanding.

The children tends to stop learning when they feel they are  burdened or fatiqued and just let it alineated from themselves. There are parts of them would be hidden potentials or then it might be lost from them.

It means that the process of learning is the most important thing in the learning programs which is set in the school curriculum. How do they feel  good about themselves and their abilities.


Montessori schools therefore believe that each child is an individual and should be encouraged to work at the pace that is right for him or her. There are no grades or standardized tests. Children are never in competition with each other.

And Montessorians continue to fight to preserve the rights of each child to be protected from undue pressure.



Theodora Karmayanti

School Director