Early Childhood Fieldtrip

Our preschool class had one of our annual events, which is Field Trip. It was held on 3-4 May 2016. This activity was designed for the children of 1.5 to 6 years old. According to their ages and capabilities, the children are divided into two groups with different destinations.

3-6 Class
field trip for 3-6 students at Banyu Sumilir (5)

The field trip for 3-6 students was held in Banyu Sumilir, located on Desa Srowolan, Pakem, Sleman. This year’s field trip was slightly different because we provided outbound activities including flying fox and fun games to foster the students to be brave, supportive, able to take risk and make decision. Besides, the students were also treated to a river-tracking and had a catching fish activity in a big fishpond. After hours, they closed the field trip by swimming altogether. The students were having a fabulous day!

Nursery class
nursery class field trip to Gembira Loka Zoo (1)
The students of nursery class had a field trip in Gembira Loka Zoo. They were encouraged to explore various kinds of animals and learn to identify them by their habitats and appearances. After that, the students also watched the animal attractions from small to big animals. Finally, they enjoyed the scenery in the zoo by boarding a Katamaran boat as well as riding the duck-shaped boat before having lunch and going home.

Hence, all the field trips activities were selected in consideration of combining fun activities and learning experiences to the students outside the classroom, as well as encouraging the students to be more independent and resourceful.