Passover Celebration with Kalyca Elementary Students

On May 3, 2019, the elementary students and teachers in Kalyca School celebrated Passover together. They celebrated it in school’s hall. The theme of this celebration is “Called to Serve Each Other”. The teachers made some decoration in the hall to build Passover’s atmosphere. The teacher used traditional situation from Javanese style by using some batik fabrics or we usually call it ‘jarik’ to decorate the hall. Some pots of plants and wooden cross made the Passover situation feel so strong.

In the morning at 8.30 a.m, the elementary students and teachers was gathered in the hall. They wear white custom as their dress code. They were so happy to celebrate it together. They opened this celebration with opening prayer and some worship songs. They sang with full of their spirit in Jesus. Next, they read some words of bible that was related with the theme. They discuss about it together and find some real action from their surroundings. They shared about their experience for serving others. The students were so enthusiastic to share about their daily activities to be helper at home for helping their parents or helped friends.

After worship section, they sang and danced together. They sang “Making Melody in My Heart” song and danced. They were so happy. They sang loudly and danced happily. They were so interested with this song.

Move to the next activity, the students were divided into some groups. Each group was guided by a teacher. They made colors bead bracelet, there were 5 colors of beads (white, black, red, green, and yellow). Each color has a definition that related with God’s redemption. From this activities, the teacher explained how great our God. Jesus was sent to the world for us. Jesus is willing on the cross so he could redemption our sins. The students understood and they were so excited to do the activities.

After that, some of students performed in front of their teachers and friends. Some of them were sang, played guitar, and also danced. Then the teachers distributed souvenirs and snacks for the each student. They enjoyed the snacks while watching good moral video.

Finally, the time was over. It was the closing time. They closed the celebration with a closing prayer. The teachers hope the students could interpret the Passover by real action to serve others and have willingness be helpful. God bless.