About Kalyca

Kalyca was established in June 2012 under the Foundation BOPKRI Yogyakarta which was established since 1946. BOPKRI Foundation has a great gait since the early independence period of Indonesia, in establishing a good quality of Christian schools in Yogyakarta. Most of the school buildings used by the Dutch colonialsm in and then forwarded by the BOPKRI Foundation.

BOPKRI is distinctively religious schools which has three values ​​virtue known as “ BOPKRI Values”, those are:

  1. Love, in which the teachings of God’s love flourish and grow in the hearts of the students as the foundation behavior in their everyday life.
  2. Integrity, built early so that the students later become humans who have high integrity and a strong personality in the work and practice of love
  3. Sincere service, that early students can cultivate self-developed quality of humanity into a whole person who is willing to provide services, devote themselves to build a peaceful world and civilized humanity.

Kalyca with the principles of Montessori running on the rails of this virtue with great commitment to the implementation of the quality of educational services that could contribute to the intellectual life of the Indonesian people.