elementary 1

The Montessori Elementary Curriculum is called Cosmic Education. This presents the world as whole unity. All humanity, cultures and nature have interdependency and interconnection to each others.

Imagination will lead them to figure out the framework of them. Knowledge will be meaningful and worth to be explored more, as curiosity arises in every single activities they are doing.

Learning areas: Mathematics, Language Art, Life Skills, Geography, History, Biology, Science, Art, Physical Education, and Music.

Facilitate students characteristics and their needs of

  • developing abstract thinking
  • making friends and being a member of a community
  • exploring and discovering to fullfil their curiosity and logical thinking
  • developing sense of justice and moral.
  • Being independent by improving themselves to various life skills activites

Lower Elementary  (6-9 years)

  • Montessori Materials are provided for all subjects
  • English Environment
  • Outing class
  • Extra curricular programs

Upper Elementary (9-12 years)

  • Montessori Materials are still provided for all subjects needed
  • English Environment
  • Outing Class
  • Projects
  • Extra curricular programs