Lower Minitrip: Kebun Pisang Plasma Nuftah

On Thursday, January 24, 2019, Lower Class had a mini trip to “Kebun Pisang Plasma Nutfah”.

There, we learned many things about banana such as kinds of banana, the benefits of eating banana and how to plant banana. In addition, we were explained that there are 146 kinds of banana, like pisang raja, pisang mas, pisang ambon, pisang genderuwo, etc. Then, we were also explained the benefits of eating banana such as it can decrease the risk of heart disease, support digestion. Furthermore, banana contains vitamins and minerals that keeping us healthy.

We also experienced planting the banana tree by ourselves with the guidance from the instructor. We were really excited to do this activity, especially when we knew that we could bring it home. At the end of our activities, they allowed us to eat banana and try to drink banana juice. Most of us like banana, therefore all of us could finish the banana and banana juice.

In the end of the mini trip, we played a game. The instructor gave us some questions about banana. If we could answer it correctly, we got a toys made from banana tree. Overall, the students really enjoyed this mini trip and they also got new knowledge about banana.