Visiting Museum Perjuangan Independence Day Celebration

This year, Indonesia celebrates its 73rd year of Proclamation of Independence. Every year, this day is celebrated with numerous exciting events. However, celebrating Independence Day is not always identical with games. This year, Kalyca Adolescent Community went to Museum Perjuangan to celebrate Indonesia Independence Day.

The students went to Museum Perjuangan by Trans Jogja. With the teachers, the students had to walk around 300 m to the bus shelter. After waiting for a while, the students started the trip with the bus and arrived at the museum at around 9 a.m.

The museum was not crowded so the students could explore more. With the guidance and explanation from the tour guide, the students learned many things on Indonesia’s history. While exploring the museum, the students could see some collection from the time of war. From those collections, the students could learn the struggle and fight of Indonesia’s heroes in gaining independence.

Besides some collections from the time of war, Museum Perjuangan held a temporary exhibition about money used in Indonesia through history. In this exhibition, the students could see different kinds of currency used in Indonesia from the time of colonialism until now. They also got to know the history behind Indonesia’s currency.

After exploring the museum, the students got some rest and took some pictures together. At around 11, the students went back to school by walking. The students, with the teacher’s supervision walked through Sayidan, crossing Code River. Overall, the students walked around 2 km.

While walking, they could see a different side of Jogja. This time, they got to know how people in the slum area live. They also, for the first time, saw how these people value freedom, Independence Day, and nationalism.