Monthly Archives: February 2020

Visiting The Ghratama Pustaka Yogyakarta: Lower Elementary Minitrip

Children like to explore new places. Library is one of interesting places to explore. Therefore, lower class went to Ghratama Pustaka as the lower class minitrip destination. Ghratama Pustaka is a big library in Yogyakarta which is located in Janti 

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Upper Class Minitrip to Balai Arkeologi Yogyakarta

It is our first Minitrip in 2020, yeayy!! On Monday, 20 January 2020, Upper Class students had a good opportunity to visit Balai Arkeologi Yogyakarta in Jl. Gedongkuning no.174, Rejowinangun. We were so lucky since all off the staffs even 

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Grhatama Pustaka: Nursery – Preschool Minitrip

On Wednesday, 22 January 2020, Nursery – Preschool children had minitrip. They visited Grhatama Pustaka Yogyakarta which is located in Jl. Janti, Wonocatur, Banguntapan, Bantul. Grhatama Pustaka Yogyakarta is a big library. The children had time to explore the library. 

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