Guest Speaker: Didik Nini Thowok





Hi, there!

We’d like to inform you that on September 27, 2019, KALYCA Montessori Elementary School held an event called “Guest Speaker”. In that event, we brought in a guest speaker from a specific profession that will give a good motivation for students to know and to understand the profession. It can be any professions, even a strange profession that maybe we’ve never known before.


In this event, we invited a professional dancer to come and give good influence to the students. We brought in Mr. Didik Nini Thowok as the guest speaker. He is a great professional dancer. He has already attended so many countries to dance. He said that for the first time he wanted to be a painter or a drawer because he likes a lot to draw until now, however, it was so expensive to buy the equipment for drawing or painting when he was a kid. Then, he decided to dance since he liked to dance also at that time.


Who knows that nowadays he is an Indonesian great professional dancer that brings good name of Indonesia both in Indonesia and in other countries. Mr. Didik Nini Thowok told the students that it is very important to be tenacious about what we do. Most of it, we need to pray for what we do every time, every day, so that God will give his blessing for us.


The event was attended by students from year 1 until 6. They were divided into two big groups, lower class (year 1-3) and upper class (year 4-6). The students were so amazed how the way Mr. Didik danced, they tried to demonstrate the same movement, however, they found it difficult though. The students paid attention to what Mr. Didik said. They were well motivated how a simple thing could turn into a great thing if we do it with passion and always pray to God. ☺