PASTY Mini Trip

As part of the preparation for adults’ life programme and gardening project, Adolescent Community students went to Pusat Satwa dan Tanaman Yogyakarta (PASTY) last February 21, 2017. As the name suggests, the market consists of kiosks selling various types animals and plants (ornamental plants). Located in Jl. Bantul Km 1/141, Dongkelan, Yogyakarta, the students were dropped by their parents and gathered there at 8:00 a.m.

There, the students were divided into three groups and assigned with different mission. Each group consisted of 4 students, both grade 7 and 8. The groups and missions details are as follows.

1. Group 1

  • Differentiate male and female birds (canary, parakeet, sparrow)
  • Buy a pair of canary birds
  • Buy bird cage
  • Buy bird food

2. Group 2

  • Differentiate male and female fish (Betta, Molly, Guppy)
  • Buy Betta, Molly, and Guppy
  • Buy fish food

3. Group 3

  • Identify herbs and ornamental plants sold in PASTY
  • Buy herbs and ornamental plants

Even though it was raining, the students were excited completing the missions. Under their umbrella and raincoat they went to a fish shop first. With the help of the seller, the students observed the fish. They tried hard to identify male and female Betta, Molly and Guppy. At last, with Rp 50.000 given by the teacher in advanced, they bought some female Betta, Molly, Guppy, and fish food.

The second destination was a bird kiosk. Located in a different zone, the students had to cross Jalan Bantul. After finding the right kiosk, the students started asking questions to the seller. They had a fun time there as they were able to see various types of birds in various colour. This time, the students also had their first experience to bargain. After several time, they had a deal with the seller; Rp 125.000 for a four-month female canary.

The last destination was the plants kiosk. Once again, the students had to cross the street for it was in different zone. After going around the area listing the herbs and ornamental plants name, the students then decided to buy a cactus, red betel, bambu rejeki, and a succulent. They tried their best to bargain the plants; getting the cheapest price since they only had Rp 50.000 in their budget.

At last, they had to go back to school by themselves. They had to find an appropriate transportation with Rp 50.000 money given by the teacher in advanced.
Besides gaining knowledge in science and gardening, this mini trip also gave opportunity for the students to be involved and engaged more in a bigger and wider society. As they learned how to bargain, they learned one skill needed for adults’ life. Going back to school alone without teacher’s supervision also “forced” them to be independent and responsible at the same time.