Minitrip to Keraton Yogykarta

Learning about local culture.

On Tuesday, 14th February, Kalyca elementary school students had a minitrip to Keraton Yogyakarta. We went there in order to learn about local culture In Yogyakarta, because we live in Yogyakarta, so we should know about the culture around us. We went to Keraton on Tuesday, because we planned to watch Karawitan (music instrument from Java, Gamelan). The students were so excited and they kept asking when we will go there.

We needed 10 minutes to arrive there by bus. Before we had a tour, we ate the snack together under a banyan tree in front of Keraton. Then, we entered Keraton in two groups with two guides. The guides explained about the history, the royal family, and the things inside the Keraton. The children were looking around enthusiastically. For upper elementary students, they took notes for a project.

There were so many pictures, potteries, and buildings inside the Keraton. After went around inside Keraton, we watched Karawitan performance in a pendopo. We enjoyed the performance. After that we went back to school to continue our learning activity.