Family Day PG/KG Kalyca Montessori School

There was an event for Kalyca Play Group and Kindergarten, called “Family Day”. It was held in our school’s hall from 8 to 10.30 AM. The participants were only children without parents.

But why we call it Family Day? Simply because the aims of this event is to arise the children’s knowledge about the history of their own family, and also to build a deeper love and relationship between the family members.

This event was fulfilled with some games: puzzle arranging (with group), (family member) gesture guessing, and music movements. As the main event, it’s time for children to tell about their Family Tree.

The 3-6 years old children bring their Family Tree, which they made it together with parents at home. At this event, they can tell about their family tree and the family member one by one.
Meanwhile the nursery children set the family tree at school, with some guidance from the teachers. At last it is the time for them to display their Family Tree on the board we provide. It will be displayed for about a week in the corridor so everyone can see it.

The children were so excited, and so are we! Seeing how they are so proud with their Family Tree Project and knowing that they know their history is a good beginning for a deeper relationship between them. And of course we are so grateful and thankful for the parents’ support for this event. See you on the next event!