IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING: Kalyca Adolescent’s Retreat

On October 18th and 19th, 2018, Kalyca Adolescent held a retreat at Villa Mentari, Kaliurang with a title: “Impossible is Nothing”. The retreat goals were students learned to own and grow their faith in God. Therefore, they were able to trust that nothing was impossible with God and that they could have a bright future with God.

The retreat were divided into four sessions which were:

Big Things come from Small Things

This first session were presented by Pdt. Sundoyo. The theme was about how God worked on us. He works from the small things and make it bigger than we all know. Pdt. Sundoyo invited us to look upon our planet earth. He asked the question, were we big? And then he showed the video about Milky Way galaxy. The Milky Way was one of hundred thousand galaxies in our universe and the good news is there are thousand or maybe million or billion galaxies in our universe. Our universe was so small according the video. There were a lot another bigger universe. Our earth was only dust. So we were in the multi universe now. We were so tiny comparing with this multi universe.

Pdt. Sundoyo asked the students to respect the process and all small things in their life such as being a responsible student at school and a child at home. Even our part was small in this whole world but don’t worry God would make it big thing.

With God we are Able

The second session were also presented by Pdt. Sundoyo. The goal from this session was students could learn to put their trust to God that He was able to do all things for our good. Pdt. Sundoyo gave us the story about Joseph and his life. Joseph’s life weren’t easy. He abandoned by his brothers and sold to Egypt as a slave. At Egypt, he was maltreated by his master and got jailed. But, all these unfortunate events lead him to the glorious life as the prime minister of Pharaoh. From Joseph life, we could learn about trusting our life to God and didn’t give up on difficulties of our life.

Never Give Up

The third session were presented by Mr. Andreas Dewanata, our bible teacher. The goal from this session was students can learn to live with unshakeable faith to Jesus Christ. Sometimes life tested us with difficulties that made us loose our faith to God, but we all reminded that we can always put trust on God and never give up.

Live by Faith

The fourth session were presented by Pdt. Maria Ong. The goal from this session was students can learn to not give up in any circumstances and enjoy the process in their life.