Kalyca Elementary Field Trip 2018 : Museum Pers Nasional and De Tjolomadoe

Fun! It’s really fun, said the students who joined the field trip activities. On May 15, 2018, we had a field trip for upper class and lower class. This time, we went to another city which is Solo. The students were so excited knowing that they were going to Solo. At 6.30, all of the students were ready so we left school at 7.00. We went there by bus.

The first destination was ‘Monumen Pers Nasional.’ The students were divided into two groups. The first group had a city tour using ‘Werkudara’ bus, while the other group got explanation and monument tour from the museum guide. Riding a bus and having a city tour was really exciting, we went around the city and got explanation of important places from the guide.

On the other hand, we also got explanations and museum tour from the guide. We were explained about the history of pers in Indonesia. And it really increases students’ knowledge about pers in Indonesia.

After, all groups had a city tour and a museum tour, we continued our trip to ‘De Tjolomadoe.’ De Tjolomadoe used to be a sugar factory, however now it becomes a convention and heritage place.There, we saw big machines that was used to produce sugar. The students were amazed of the big machines there, they asked many things about the function of the machines.

The students also had a great experience there. It’s always exciting to have outdoor activities, we got a great experience and it also enhance our knowledge.