Pesta Siaga 2018

The scout is one of compulsory extracurricular activity in elementary level at Kalyca Montessori School. In this activity, students learn and experience about things that related with discipline, responsibility, team work and collaboration, and also love the nation. On April, 27th, 2018, for the first time, Kalyca Elementary held the scout feast (Pesta Siaga) at Bumi Perkemahan Sambi Lor, Pakem, Sleman.

Students gathered at school and joined the Pesta Siaga opening ceremony and then we went to Bumi Perkemahan Sambi Lor by bus. Students were divided into several groups and they gathered by their groups to arrange their belonging. Team work and responsibility were the main core of this activity. It was shown by how they cooperated and worked together to build the tent and also collaborated when they joined the cooking contest. In the midday, there were reflection for those who are Catholic and Christian, while the Moslem went to mosque nearby with one of the teacher.

And, finally, we closed the feast with outbond. Students really waited for this activity. They were really excited. The activity was designed as looking for traces games. We had several posts and some activities in each post. Each group went to each post. Every posts had different challenges from games, scout knowledge, archipelago concepts, went along the river, and of course the challenging flying fox.

This feast was closed by pray together, sharing and reflection, also embedding pin to each students. Students went home full of story and worth experience.
See you all in the next feast!