Preschool Fieldtrip April 2017

Presschool Fieldtrip

Fieldtrip is one of Kalyca’s annual events which is designed for children to place away from their normal environment. The purpose of the trip is providing children with experiences outside their everyday activities. It combines fun activities and learning experiences so the children are encouraged to be more independent and resourceful.
This activity was followed by children age 1.5 to 6 years old. According to their ages and capabilities, the children are devided into two big groups with different destinations.

Dolan Deso Boro, Kulon Progo

The first group was nursery class. The students of nursery class had a field trip at Dolan Deso Boro, located on Desa Boro, Banjarasri, Kalibawang, Kulon Progo. It was held on Wednesday, 10 of May 2017. The children had experiences in having some activities in the rice filed area, such as plowing the field, bathing buffalo, and plating paddies. Then, the children had a break time by drinking dawet ayu and eating some snack such as tempe mendoan and donat talas.

Next, the children continued the activities in the water area. The children experienced in boating, having river turbing, and catching fish. At the end of trip, the children had opportunity to play in a shallow river. They closed the field trip by having lunch with Sop Menoreh and tempe pecak. The students were having a fabulous day!

Desa Wisata Pentingsari, Kaliurang

The second group were 3-6 class. The groups had a fieldtrip at Desa Wisata Pentingsari, located on Desa Pentingsari, Cangkringan, Kaliurang. It was held on Friday, 12 of May 2017. Their activities were divided into two big activities. First, the children had experience in making handicrafts. They painting kendi and making wayang from young coconut leaf.

Second, the children had experience in the rice field area. They had opportunities in planting paddies, catching fish, and planting plant. They closed the field trip by having lunch with Sop Menoreh and tempe pecak. It was a fabulous day!