Christmas Celebration Kalyca Adolescent Community

On Thursday, January 19th, 2017 Kalyca Adolescent Community student held Christmas Celebration in Panti Asuhan Cacat Ganda (Double Disabilities Orphanage) Sayap Ibu Foundation, Purwomartani Kalasan. We celebrated Christmas in a different way. This time, we shared love and care to the children who lived in Panti Asuhan Cacat Ganda. We brought used toys and also books and donate them to children in Panti. This Christmas Celebration also part of service learning program.

In Panti, there were 27 children who had more than one disabilities. Some children had several disabilities in one person and because of that, they were only able to take care of by their caregivers. Some other children were able to go to special school. Luckily, Sayap Ibu had their own school for these children.

We spent three hours to this service learning. We interacted, communicated with them. Each of us had to socialize and communicate with them. In the beginning, it was so hard to play and communicate with them, but soon, we enjoyed playing with them. Even though they had disabilities, they were really friendly to us, they loved to communicate with us.

From this service learning and also Christmas Celebration, we knew how lucky we were than them and how we had to thank to God for all of things that He had given to us. From that we also learned that we had to give chance to love other people who had disabilities, gave them our empathy, helped them, and also never underestimate them with their disabilities.