Open House Kalyca 2016 : Natural Environment

Kalyca held an Open House on November 5th, 12nd, and 13th to introduce The Montessori to the society. Kalyca took Natural Environment as a main theme. This year, the focus was on The Adolescent Community Program. Related to this event, we had several activities on these three days.

1. Kids in the Museum: Treasure Hunt
Picture : Treasure Hunt

Our first activity was Kids in the Museum on November 5th 2016 and located in Vredeburg Fort Museum at 5.00 – 9.00 P.M. this activity was for children on 10 – 13 years age, and worked together with Night at The Museum Community. This activity had theme, called “Treasure Hunt”.

The participants were divided into several groups and they had to find the treasure in this museum. The purpose of this activity was to introduce Kalyca Adolescent Community to the participants and their parents. They really enjoyed this activity. They could work together to finish the task given by the facilitator and knew each other. The participants in that activity was 30 children from several schools in Yogyakarta.

2. Workshop and Fun Games
On November 12th, 2016, workshop and Fun Games was the next activities related with Kids at The Museum. Some of the participants in The Kids at The Museum, joined these activities. The activities were science experiments, scavenger hunt games, and role play. The facilitators in this activities were teachers and Kalyca Adolescent Community’s students.

In science experiments, the participants learned about soil aeration, seeds selection, and soil pH. These experiments took place in the children green house. The purpose of the science experiment was to introduce to the children that science could be fun and we could do it as a game.

Picture : Science Experiments

In role play, the facilitator had prepared the costumes and the participants in groups had to act and make role play based on the costumes. Some of them played as a farmer and portrayed the farmer life. This was so fun and full of laughter, since they didn’t know each other before and in that moment they had to act and play together.

Picture : Role Play Session

In games, the participants had to find the treasure hidden in several area at school. They did the games on groups and in order to finish the task on this game, they had to work together as a team.
Picture : Games Session

3. Talk show: “Montessori Education to Build the Independence and Life Skill in Adolescence”

This talk show was held on November 13th, 2016 and presented three speakers, which were: Drs. Aris Widodo, M.Pd (Head of School Management’s Section of Primary Education, Education Department of Yogyakarta), Diyah Puspitaningrum, M.Psi, Psychologist (Children and Adolescent Psychologist, Therapist), and Theodora Karmayanti (Director of Kalyca Montessori School).

Picture : Talkshow Session

This talk show talked about the importance of the independence and life skill in adolescence, from three point of view. Mr. Aris Widodo talked about adolescence in perspective of inclusive education, Ms. Diyah Puspitaningrum talked about the life span of adolescence and their developmental task, and Ms. Theodora Karmayanti talked about how Montessori Education could build the independence and life skill for the adolescent through the Montessori Adolescent Program and gave the opportunity for special needs adolescent to grow and study in this specific program.

Picture : Talkshow Session

Beside the speakers, there were also question and answers session. The participants used this chance to ask about special case, mostly about their son or daughter, since almost all the participants are parents.

Picture : Question and Answers Session

4. Performance
Performance was held at November 13th, 2016. The students from Preschool, Elementary, and Adolescent gave their best performance to the audiences.

Picture : Performance Session

5. Bazaar
Bazaar was organized by parents who joined Kalyca Parents Community. Bazaar was held on these two days, on November 12th and 13th, 2016. There were about thirty booths who joined this bazaar. Some of the participants were parents. The products were sold in this event covered from food and beverage, craft, clothes, and homemade products.

Picture : Bazaar Session

6. Occupational Therapy for Special Needs Children and Free Children Consultation
Occupational therapy for special needs children and free children consultation was the service which was provided by Education Development and Therapy for Special Needs Children Unit (Unit Pengembangan Pendidikan dan Terapi Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus/UP2TABK). This free service was only on Open House’s days (November 12th and 13th,2016) by registration first. On these two days, there were many parents and their children came and consulted to the therapist and psychologist.

Kalyca Montessori School develop this new unit with some purposes, i.e:

  • Provide the children education service and also therapy for special needs children using Montessori philosophy of education and method for Kalyca’s students and also non-Kalyca by therapist and children psychologist.
  • Provide education development service at school or home, and also teachers and parents training.