Upper Class Minitrip “Team Building At Ledok Sambi”

“A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.” – Simon Sinek

Indeed! Just like what the quote says, trust between each other is important in order to build a good teamwork, especially among students in the class. Thus, on September 15, 2018, the Faithfulness class (upper) went to Ledok Sambi to have a team building activity through outbound with DtJ Adventure team.

At first, in the morning all the 33 students and 7 teachers went to the location by bus. We arrived at the location at 08.30. There we had some speechs from Ms. Citra as the teacher of Kalyca Montessori School and Mr. Antok as the representative of the facilitator. After that, Mr. Antok led us to do some warming up. Then, before the students were divided into 4 groups, we were given a briefing about safety. In every two groups, we had 1-2 facilitator (s) to guide us.

The activity began! We did eight fun games that required us to work with all group members. The games were bakiak race, ball transfer, water transfer, nitro crossing, fast and furious, pipe line, rollet game, and ring transfer. All games were fun, but the ones that made us wet were awesome! We loved to get wet!

At around 12.30 P.M. we had lunch. Then we took our time to take a bath and change our clothes. After that we gathered in a spacious gazebo there. We listened to evaluation for us as teams, what should we do and what should we not do to group members in order to build trust and work together well. At 1 o’clock we closed our activity there. We said thank you to the facilitator and took pictures together. Mr. Antok and team gave us water bottle as souvenir. What a surprise! Thank you, DtJ Adventure team!