Visiting Sri Gethuk Waterfall and Goa Rancang Kencono

Located between Oya River and surrounded by green rice field area, Sri Gethuk waterfall flows without being influenced by the weather. Not far from it, Goa Rancang Kencono stands still, holding secrets from the past.

On Thursday, November 1, 2018 Kalyca Adolescent got the chance to visit this waterfall and cave located in Bleberan village. The first destination was Goa Rancang Kencono, an ancient cave with a 200 year tree, Klumpit, growing in the middle. In this place, the students got a lot of information. They identified part of a cave, such as stalagmites and stalactites. Futher, they also got to know the history of this place.

The second destination was the waterfall. After getting to a fishing area which is also functioned as a parking lot, there will be two choices to reach the waterfall. The first track is walking through a path with green rice fields and coconut trees as the view, and the second one is crossing the Oya River using a simple raft made of drum and wooden board. We then chose the second choice.

Before riding the raft, a guide told a story about the history of the waterfall. Based on the legend, the waterfall’s used to keep kethuk (one of music instrument of gamelan, a Javanese music instrument) belonged to Anggo Meduro, who was a kind of genie. Sometimes, the people living near the falls still could hear the sound of the instrument and that was why it was later called Sri Gethuk.

After riding the raft for some time, the students finally arrived at the waterfall. The students could see beautiful stones below the falls forming terrace at the edge of a luxurious pool that invited everyone to swim. We got off from the raft and passed the stones to get to the waterfall. Some students directly went to the waterfall, playing with the water or taking pictures. The rest rented life vests and swam in the river.

The students were not there just for fun. They also had some jobs to do. They interviewed some people there, visitors and vendors, as part of their project. Observation was also done as part of ther project too.

After having lunch, the students went back to school. When they went back home, they needed to do their project and submitted it in form of a report.