Kalyca Montessori Preschool Minitrip to Planetarium

On Wednesday, November 14, 2018, Kalyca Montessori Preschool visited Planetarium – Taman Pintar. Cheerful faces and big smiles of students made the day more beautiful. Students were excited because they would learn about solar system.

The second minitrip in this semester, Kalyca Montessori Preschool visited Planetarium because it was in accordance with the theme taken, it was about the solar system. So children could get new experience to learn about solar system with more interesting way.

The show started at 09.30 PM for Nursery children and 11.00 A.M for 3-6 children. First video, showed a simulation of the atmosphere of the Yogyakarta city sky at night along with various kinds of celestial bodies and the arrangement of stars that appeared at that time. The second video, showed about the process of our solar system made.

Students expressed their joy by clapping hand and mentioning the names of celestial objects like planet and star that they know while being displayed. It reminded students to review the topic of solar system of what they have learned.

Students were very happy when a video about the planet was displayed. And the liveliest applause with their amazed faces, occurred when a shooting star fell. Students was really enjoy the show and they felt very comfortable to see the show.