Upper Class Minitrip At Gembira Loka Zoo

There is nothing more interesting than to see and observe kinds of animals with your own eyes!

That’s right! On September 30, 2018, the upper class had a minitrip at Gembira Loka Zoo. This activity aimed as an outdoor learning activity which supports learning activities in classroom (Zoology for year 4-5 and IPA/Bahasa Indonesia for year 6).

Right after circle time session in the classroom, students were divided into smaller groups. Then each group, accompanied by one teacher, departed from school to the zoo by driving online taxies.

It was still morning when we arrived there, but some groups of people already stood by near the entrance waiting for their turn to enter the zoo. Then moments later, after all groups had arrived, we directly went inside. Before we started our observations, we took pictures together so that one day we could remember the time at the zoo.

Time to observe!

Upper students were divided into three big groups based on the year. Each level had different worksheets to do. Year 4 and 5 had to observe and classify the animals into 5 classes of phylum. Year 6 students had two things to do. First, they had to classify the animals based on what they eat and how do the animals breed; second, they had to make 3 kinds of paragraphs with the theme “Gembira Loka Zoo”.

Times passed quickly. We had been walking around and watching God’s beautiful creations. The birds were magnificent, the reptiles were interesting. We got many useful informations at the place. We also did not miss the chance to ride “Taring Train”. After that, we gathered in one of the gazebo and had luch together. We finished our lunch in a short time. Then we cleaned up and hiked up inside an animated cave to go to the exit gate. We had an interesting time there.

We are so grateful for the opportunity and can’t wait for the next minitrip!