Wonderful Indonesia: Independence Day Celebration 2018

On August, we have a special moment to celebrate. It is our Independence Day. In Kalyca Elementary, we celebrated it by having some activities. The theme for this event was Wonderful Indonesia.

First, buddy reading. Here, some upper class students had to share stories about Indonesian heroes to other students.

Second, Independence Day games. Here, the students had to join eight games which placed in different spot. There were:

  1. Put pencil into bottle

    Put pencil into bottle

  2. Karung race
    Karung race
  3. Eat kerupuk
    Eat kerupuk
  4. Marble and spoon
    Marble and spoon

  5. Puzzle
  6. Balancing using tampah
  7. Coin in pare
  8. Hit the plastic

    Hit the plastic

Also, we had photo session for all students. The student were very excited in having the activities.