Minitrip to Coklat Monggo

Chocolate! Who doesn’t like it? I guess most of you like it especially kids. That’s why we went to chocolate factory for our field trip. However, this field trip was only for lower class. The field trip was held on January 30, 2018. The children were so excited hearing that they were going to the chocolate factory. We went to ‘Monggo’ chocolate factory which is located in Bangunjiwo, Bantul.

We went there by buses. It took about 45 minute from school to factory. There, we were divided into two groups. The first group had a factory tour and the other group had to make chocolates. For the factory tour, we were guided through the history of chocolate, the cocoa plantation and the production processes that are necessary to transform cocoa into chocolate and finally the personal story of Chocolate Monggo.

In addition, they also experienced in making their own chocolate creation. They can make their own and add dried fruits or nuts as a topping to it. The students were really happy to visit the chocolate factory.