Visiting The Ghratama Pustaka Yogyakarta: Lower Elementary Minitrip

Children like to explore new places. Library is one of interesting places to explore. Therefore, lower class went to Ghratama Pustaka as the lower class minitrip destination. Ghratama Pustaka is a big library in Yogyakarta which is located in Janti Street, Banguntapan, Bantul. The minitrip was held on January 20, 2020. The children were so excited hearing that they were going to Ghratama Pustaka. We went there by cars. It took about 20 minutes from school to the library.

In Ghratama Pustaka we watched a film of a family story. The film gave us a good moral value for our live. We also explored the rooms available in the library, such as audiovisual room, music room, children book collection room, and storytelling room. The children were free to read the book collection in children book collection room. We explored some music instrument in music room, we also listened a story in storytelling room. The children got new experience and they really enjoy visiting The Ghratama Pustaka Yogyakarta.